A2F2024 Cosplay Guests Our 2 Brain Cells

Our 2 Brain Cells: 2024 Cosplay Guests

Our 2 Brain Cells is a cosplay duo of Kitsumi Hatter and Not Invisible Angel. The two became friends in 2018 beginning with a Fairy Tail Panel they collaborated on. The two decided to form Our 2 Brain Cells in 2023 and competed and won “1st place in Group Cosplay” at Arkansas Anime Festival as Bakugo and Todoroki in Stealth Suits from the World Hero Mission My Hero Academia Movie.

Even before they officially became a duo they would hang out in cosplay every time they were together. Their favorite part of being in cosplay in public is the smiles people have when they see characters they love in person.

They push their skills further with every cosplay and it has paid off as they were featured in Creative Cosplays Magazine, Spring 2024!

They enjoy encouraging others to cosplay and give cosplay insight to anyone who asks, for example sharing information with everyone via Tip Tuesdays on their Instagram. They have ran and assisted with panels at multiple conventions. They enjoy interacting with other cosplayers, especially in character.

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