A2F2023 Cosplay Guest Tabitha Cerberus

Welcome Cosplay Guest Tabitha Cerberus

Tabitha started cosplaying in 2013 and currently lives in the St. Louis area. Her specialties are sewing and embroidering with a strong passion for Chinese clothing. Some of the characters she has cosplayed over the years have been from animes and Chinese dramas. 

She hand-makes all her cosplays using a variety of materials. At many conventions, she has hosted beginner panels for sewing and photography. She has won many awards for cosplay including a Judge’s Award and two First Place Awards for Beginner and Intermediate levels.

She is also a Brand Ambassador for Minerva.com – a British fabric company she has used to make cosplays as they have a nice selection of suitings, linens, and other fabrics.

Tabitha Cerberus Cosplay

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