A2F2023 Guests Nirana Moon Cosplay

Welcome Cosplay Guest Nirana Moon Cosplay

Nirana Moon Cosplay, or Elizabeth Miller, first cosplayed as Cinderella at Arkansas Anime Festival Fall of 2014. There, she fell in love with cosplay and conventions. The following Spring, she arrived at A2F as Belle from Beauty and the Beast with the goal to bring a character she loved to life. This was when she received her first award.

She had many adventures as she attended many more conventions. Along with Belle, she is known for bringing Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, and Dory (who still can’t find Nemo) to life. Her favorite cosplay is Queen Lucy of Narnia.

She has gone on to meet many friends and receive several awards. If you were to ask her what she loves about cosplay, she would say that it is spreading smiles through bringing characters to life. She is excited to be here at A2F (where her journey first started) as a cosplay guest for the first time!


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