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Welcome Back Cosplay Guest Sammy I Ammy

Sam is a cosplayer from Colorado who moved to Arkansas in 2016. They have been cosplaying for over ten years! They have cosplayed characters from various anime, Disney, and popular cartoons. After the move, they started to host different panels and activities at various local conventions.

They were the host for the Disney Cafe and the Disney Ball for Arkansas Anime Festival and Konsplosion. They also taught the waltz at the Disney Balls! Some of their most noted panels and cosplay have been: Bokuto Koutarou from Haikyuu, Shiro from Voltron, and Shinsou from My Hero Academia. They love to see people having fun and enjoying the media they cherish.

They are excited to be back as a guest for Arkansas Anime Festival 2023!

sammyiammy 2023 cosplay guest photo

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