A2F2023 Guest Chris Rager

Welcome Voice Actor Chris Rager to A2F 2023!

Chris Rager is a voice actor, single father and Savior of Worlds. Currently residing in Dallas, Chris has been bringing you fan favorite anime and video game characters like Mr. Satan from DBZ and Mr. Torgue in the Game of the Year
Borderlands 2 & 3.

When not being challenged by his daughter, he takes on challenging roles like Cementoss in My Hero Academia, the Principal in Assassination Classroom, as well as Dagger Morse in Show By Rock. In the future, Chris hopes to bring more excitement and explosions to more characters and opportunities!!

majin buu and mr. satan are cute friends

Considered one of the most random and beloved pairings EVER – “Anime’s Favorite Odd Couple” – Mr.Satan and Majin Buu are not only united as warriors in battle, but also became roommates in the show. This is where anime life bleeds over into real life as Chris also happens to be best friends with the voice actor of Majin Buu, Josh Martin! They were also roommates at one point too!

As real-life best friends for 25+ years, the “odd couple” continues their quest to Meet & Greet and THANK the fans that helped make it possible and celebrate more than 22 years with Dragon Ball Z!!

Chris and Josh will make A2F 2023 a stop on their quest. Come see them on the weekend of July 14-16, 2023 in Bentonville, AR. Buy your tickets now!

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