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a2f rv cosplayer Austin Blevins

A2F River Valley Welcomes Cosplayer Austin Blevins

Austin Blevins started cosplaying in 2008 because he felt that it would be fun to portray characters he could not become in real life. Over the years, he’s become more skilled in prop making and has grown more devoted in crafting certain costumes. Austin calls himself a casual cosplayer as […]

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a2f rivervalley guests Shoujocos

A2F River Valley Welcomes Instagram Cosplayer Shoujocos

Hadley, known as Shoujocos on Instagram, has been a cosplayer for six years and hopes to continue to grow and improve in the years to come. She uses her skills in cosmetology and theatre to bring her favorite characters to life, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. […]

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A2F River Valley Guest panik cosplay

PaniK Cosplay Has a Message for A2F River Valley

“Hello hello, one and all! I’m PaniK Cosplay, or as I’m more commonly known, Akiho Shire. Cosplay, for me, is about making others happy. Seeing everyone smiling, seeing their favorite characters, is the most amazing thing I could witness. Being a reason people can have pleasant memories is worth all […]

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a2f river valley guests peculiar cosplayers

Peculiar Cosplayers Will Returns for Another Year!

Peculiar Cosplayers is a growing cosplay group based out of Peculiar, MO. Formed in 2011, the Peculiar Cosplayers have attended a number of conventions, including Naka Kon in Kansas City, Kansas City Comic Con, Planet Comicon, and Cosplacon in Jefferson City. They have a wide array of talents, including prop […]

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5amSam Cosplay

Spring 2016 Guest: Samantha Cartwright of 5amSam Cosplay

Samantha Cartwright has been actively involved in anime, cosplay, and conventions for twelve years. With a working knowledge of about 200 hundred animes, she has created convention panels, games and participated in many fan-based discussions. She has created cosplay outfits for herself and others. Her latest creation was a commissioned […]

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A2F Spring 2014 Sunday Schedule

Sunday March 14th Absolutely subject to change, please check the Sunday schedule page! Sunday Panel Room 1: 10:30am Chris Bevins Panel:Do it Again! 11:45am Rachel Robinson: Video Game Voice Acting 1pm J. Micheal Tatum Panel: Whats it like to be me? 2:15pm Guest Autographs 4pm Samantha Inoue-Harte Panel: Lost in […]

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A2F Saturday March 15th Schedule

Saturday March 15th Absolutely subject to change Please check the Saturday Schedule Page Saturday March 15th Panel Room 1: 10:30am Samantha Inoue-Harte Panel: Why Does Hollywood Hate Anime? 11:45am Rachel Robinson: Final Fantasy XIII 1pm Chris Bevins Panel: Q&A and discussion 3:30pm J. Micheal Tatum Panel: Q&A and discussion 4:45pm […]

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Calling all Vendors, Artists, and Fans!

Pssst…you..yeah you..come on over here. This is YOUR convention, you know that don’t you? Of course you do. You know we’re fans too. But we’re all busy running the convention (and a panel or event each) so we need you.. Yes YOU.. to submit a panel..or an event? How about […]

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Let’s get ready to Cosplayyyyyy!

Do you know who you are going to be? Have you created an amazing costume or do you inhabit your character so completely no one could tell you from the original? Have we got the events for you. If you created your costume take a look at this page : […]

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