Cosplay Contest

a2f spring 2015 cosplay contest


You MUST sign up to enter the contest either online (CLICK HERE) or at the convention. The sign up sheet will be at the Registration Table Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. If you are entering as a group please only take up one spot! We are limited to 50 spots so if you take up more than one for your group that will throw off our system and someone might not get to enter because of it.

At Pre-Judging, a volunteer will verify your information: name, cosplay, age, and if you have special requests like audio/mic needs or wanting to be announced a specific way. At this time, we ask that you not be "in character" - please verify that your information is correct so this process goes as smoothly as possible.

We've added three new categories this year: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. A beginner is classified as someone who has won no awards for any cosplay; Intermediates have won 1 or 2 awards for this or past cosplays; and Advanced are for those who have won 2 or more awards.


  1. All cosplay contestants must sign up online or at the convention.
  2. Cosplays must follow the dress code of the convention. A2F is a Family Friendly convention.
    cosplay modesty guidelines
  3. All stage time is limited to 3 minutes or less. To have your skit approved, send a copy of your script or detailed description of your skit to
  4. If you have any audio please tell us and bring it on an MP3 player or smart phone with an audio jack (where you plug in your ear phones). Please have it ready to play (unlocked, paused at the right point, etc).
  5. It is highly recommended that you bring a photo of the character you are portraying to pre-judging for a comparison.
  6. If you made your costume and have progress photos, please bring them to pre-judging. This is not required but strongly encouraged.
  7. For the Hallway Cosplay Contest: just arrive at on-site signup, get your picture taken and the winner will be announced before the cosplay contest.
a2f fall 2014 trevor award

Categories & Prizes

Overall Cosplay - $50 + Trophy
Hallway Cosplay - $25 + Medal
1st Place - $40 // 2nd Place - $30
1st Place - $25 // 2nd Place - $20
1st Place - $20 // 2nd Place - $10
Best Prop - $15
Best Skit - $15
Trevor Award
An Honor given in memory of a young cosplayer. The winner will have their picture taken and sent to the mother of Trevor.

Meet the Judges

OneMooreTime Cosplay

OneMooreTime Cosplay

OneMooreTime Cosplay is back! While he strives to do great things in the cosplay community, he's also active in the nerdy scene outside of cosplay as well. He is one of the owners of Con Goers unite as well as being one of the main Admins for Team Valor NWA! He's premiering a brand new cosplay at this convention, so if you see him, Come say hi!

Infinite Joy Cosplay

Infinite Joy Cosplay

Trish started cosplaying in 2009 at Arkansas Anime Festival, so in many way, she's always had a soft spot in her heart for this convention. She has since cosplayed many characters and learned how to do some awesome stuff to make costumes. She wholeheartedly believes that cosplay is for everyone. Let's share the joy!

cosplay judge neverafter

Never After Cosplay

Growing up with a Ren-Faire family, Never After has always loved the different costumes and expressing herself in different forms of art. Never takes a lot of pride making all of her cosplay costumes by hand and has received awards in a few contests showcasing the sewing skills. Now going on 4 years of cosplay and having some winning titles under her belt Never is more then ready to try and take on more challenging things in the Cosplay world.

Show MC Ladylake Cosplay

MC: Ladylake Cosplay

I want to ride my chocobo all day~
When Ladylake cosplay isn't spending her days playing video games she enjoys cosplaying. She's been cosplaying for over 4 years now and has enjoyed every moment of it, from meeting new people to entering the cosplay contests. Now she has moved from participating in to co-hosting the cosplay contest at A2F!

Show MC Sora Preston

MC: Sora Preston

Sora has been in love with anime since she was a very young. At 17, she decided that it was time to put that love into something more expressive. Cosplay has been a part of her life since then. From her first cosplay as Naruto to her latest, she has been expanding her skills to new heights.

Awards & Prizes

Best Overall Cosplay


Adult (Ages 17+)

1st 2nd 3rd
$30.00 $20.00 $10.00

Young Adult (Ages <17)

1st 2nd 3rd
$15.00 $10.00 $5.00

Best Skit


Best in Character


Best Prop


Best Handiwork


Judge's Pick

Three special awards created by individual judges.

Trevor Award

Honor given in memory of a young cosplayer. All attendees in cosplay are eligible to receive this honor, this is not limited to the contest entries.

The recipient will have their photo and short bio added to the A2F website.