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2:00 PM - Vendor Room Opens

2:00 PM - Artist Alley Opens
Please note that hours vary by Artist during con hours.

4:00 PM - So You're Interested in Lolita Fashion ~ An Intro
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
What Lolita fashion entails; a short history; a rundown of buying from brands and second-hand; how to find other Lolitas in your area and communities worldwide.

4:30 PM - Kaiba Corp Takeover: A Yu-gi-oh/Abridged Panel
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
In the world of Yu-gi-oh Pegasus and Kaiba are always going at it which usually ends in someone trying to take over the other's company. Game, jokes, and laughs for everyone as you watch Kaiba and Pegasus go at it again, but for the takeover of the panel.

5:00 PM - Nine Tips for Surviving Your First Anime Con
Panel Room 1-D Doubletree
Is this your first Anime Convention as an attendee or as a parent? If so then join us for some tips on what to expect and ways to survive this fun filled weekend!

5:00 PM - Dragon Age Panel
Panel Room 5-D Doubletree
Hello you to all you Hero Warriors! It's back again! 😀 Join Hawke as we discuss about the past old Dragon Age games, to the epic rumors of the new game that has yet to come! So come you Inquisitors! Join our War council!

5:00 PM - Maid and Butler Cafe
Tea Party Room - Sheraton
Come Socialize with your friends, enjoy some snacks and be catered to by our Maids and Butlers!

5:30 PM - Hetalia: Ask the Nations
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
The countries of Hetalia are back once again, with more chaos, more rivalries, and more fun!

6:00 PM - Cosplay For?
Panel Room 1-S Sheraton
A panel to help explain cosplay, how to get started in it, recommended websites to find costumes/wigs/ect at, and ways to make cosplays affordable for any budget. You don't need to know how to make something to do it, so let me explain why/how.

6:00 PM - Auditioning for Video Game Voice Acting w/ Guest Samantha Inoue Harte!
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
What's it like auditioning for games like World of Warcraft? Want to try your hand at auditioning for Sami and getting a critique? Sami will supply audition sheets from World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, and a variety of others. You'll get to see how auditioning techniques differ between the big MMO games and your average phone app games. Be prepared to read in front of the class folks! 😉

6:00 PM - Welcome to Fairy Tail!
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
From the very beginning to the final battle, the mages of Fairy Tail are here to re-live it all! The guild doors are open to everyone to come talk about your favorite story arcs and characters, and don't skip out on our Fairy Tail trivia for a chance to be crowned the smartest mage of them all!

6:00 PM - LED Poi Show with Bound by Fire!
Main Events Doubletree
Watch Bound By Fire Do Some Crazy LED Tricks on stage!

6:30 PM - Steven Universe Did You Know?
Panel Room 5-D Doubletree
Welcome to Beach city! If you like Steven Universe you’ll probably like this panel. Ran by the fans for the fans. In this panel we will go over some of the coolest unknown facts about the show and see if you know the answers to some of the hardest questions! There will be candy!

7:00 PM - Vendor Room Closes

7:00 PM - Tales of for Beginners!
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
Long-time fantasy JRPG fan looking for a new series to sink your teeth into? New kid on the JRPG block wanting a nice starting place? Or maybe you’re some other kind of person who’s taken an interest in this long-running high fantasy JRPG series and you want to know more too! Well, you’re in the right place. Venture into the worlds of the Tales of series including its main games, spin-offs, adaptations, trivia, and more! Fans of the series already are welcome too!

7:00 PM - Cosplay Makeup How-To
Panel Room 4-D Doubletree
Come hang out with CosmicRheaCosplay and learn her many secrets of makeup! Wanna know how to contour? Wanna know the best and cheapest way to take your look to the next level? This is the panel for you!

7:00 PM - Green Screen Fun
Photo Room/Panel Room 7-D Doubletree
We found a green screen, and Matthew has a camera!! Want some silly cosplay pictures? Maybe a holiday snap to send to your friends? We gotcha covered! Come pose in front of our green screen and get a digital memory of A2F!

7:30 PM - Fanfiction: A History w/ Guest: A.E. Taylor
Panel Room 1-S Sheraton
Ever wonder how Fanfiction came about? It's a dark tale, my friend. One you should probably enjoy with some popcorn, free to all who attend!

7:30 PM - My Hero Academia
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
Much like One Punch Man, the increasingly popular My Hero Academia has been gaining renown as a great anime featuring superheroes. The unique combination of western superhero comics and Japanese manga has demonstrated a unique blend of the best of both and has become a huge sensation to both comic and anime fans. Come discuss your favorite characters, scenes, and more here!

7:30 PM - Speed Friending
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
Conventions are great places to make new friends!Join us for a fun event to make new friends in a fast and fun way!

7:30 PM - Lex TreeFrog Performance
Main Events Doubletree
Lex Treefrog is an American indie rock band from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Led by frontman and provocateur Lex, the four-piece blends virtuositic guitar harmonies with the uncompromising philosophy of DIY and cyberpunk rock. Lex Treefrog loves anime conventions and anime conventions love Lex Treefrog. This is going to be the soundtrack to your potential manic pixie dream girls.

8:00 PM - House of Mouse Ball
Tea Party Room - Sheraton
Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Tonight will be a most Magical Night! The House of Mouse cosplayers will be hosting a Disney Ball! Come Dance the night away with your Favorite Characters. Enjoy a snack, and feel like you are part of Disney! The Ball shall be between 8 and 10pm, and when you leave, don't forget your glass slippers!

8:00 PM - Iron Artist
Panel Room 5-D Doubletree
An audience participation game where two teams battle head-to-head drawing from the words chosen by the remaining audience using only posterboard and markers! That’s right, it’s one of those perfect times to summon your inner kid for lots of laughs, drawings, and fun times all around. In Iron Artist, everyone is an artist no matter how experienced, so don’t be shy! Come join us! 😀

8:30 PM - Momstria and Sarai's Guide to Anime Conventions
Panel Room 4-D Doubletree
Is this your first anime convention? Are you new to the convention scene? Do you have questions about how things work here? How does one take care of themselves? What is okay and not okay to do at conventions? Seasoned con veterans Allison (AKA Momstria) and Sarai want to help newcomers feel welcome and comfortable at A2F. We have experience, answers, and snacks!

9:00 PM - Crossplay CONquest Drag Show
Main Events Doubletree
A fun new addition to the A2F Lineup! Come see some fun performances by some great cosplayers!

9:00 PM - Intro to LED
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
Ever wonder how to take your cosplay to the next level? Welcome to the world of shiny and glowey things! Come learn how to get started with LED’s!

9:30 PM - Voltron PJ Party
Panel Room 1-S Sheraton
Join the defenders of the universe with classic sleepover party games like truth or dare and never have I ever. In/Out of character questions are welcome as well.

10:00 PM - Terribly Awful Fanfiction! w/ Guest Samantha Inoue Harte
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
The internet is full of terribly smutty Fanfiction. The combinations are funny and outright crazy! Harry Potter/Professor Snape, Spock/Kirk, Sherlock/Molly, Power Rangers, Transformers, Attack on Titan! The list goes on and on and on!! Each grammatically more freaky than the next! Do you want to see where this rabbit hole goes? Would you like to hear Sami read these atrocities of the written word out loud? Or worse... see her pantomime/act scenes out?So gather around children and be prepared to blush because this panel gets wild! [Ages 18+ Must Present ID]

Main Events Doubletree