10:00 AM - Vendor Room Opens

10:00 AM - Artist Alley Opens
Please note that hours vary by Artist during con hours.

10:00 AM - Mary-Sues Need Not Apply w/ Guest E.M. Taylor
Panel Room 1-S Sheraton
So you've learned what to do in 'Writing Is Hard.' But what about the Lmao "Compulsories and Forbiddens"? What is it they don't teach you about writing? Pop in to learn what not to do, and how to best reconstruct your writing into an active, engaging experience. And Hey, Free candy from a stranger!

10:00 AM - Kpop Dance Panel
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
Ever wanted to do a kpop dance but didn't have anyone to dance with or thought you would look odd? Well come join this dance panel and dance your kpop heart out!!!

10:00 AM - The Gaijin In An Anime Studio w/ Samantha Inoue-Harte
Panel Room 4-D Doubletree
There are only a handful of Westerners who work in a Japanese Anime studio, and most are men. Samantha Inoue-harte is one of the few, rare examples of a female Westerner who, not only works for, but is partnered with a Japanese anime studio. Samantha is a producer who develops stories, plots, seasons, pitches for an Anime studio. Here is your opportunity to delve into the nitty gritty of Anime production.

10:30 AM - So You Want to be a Hero Kid?
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
A Boku no Hero Academia panel where you can ask your favorite hero or hero in-training questions, truth or dares, and hear some exciting stories. There will also be rap battles, roasting, and explanations of your favorite quirks.

11:00 AM - Fairy Tail!
Panel Room 5-D Doubletree
Q&A and some great games! Come Celebrate this great anime with us!

11:30 AM - Summer Sprytee Party!
Main Events Doubletree
Some super cool peeps, with some super cool moves... and they LOOOVE Sprite!

11:30 AM - Kingdom Hearts Fan Panel
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
Are you a Kingdom Hearts fan? Are you excited for the new game coming out? Come join the kh panel and lets talk about kingdom hearts!!

11:30 AM - Adventure Time! Come On Grab Your Friends!
Panel Room 4-D Doubletree
Do you like Adventure time? Do you want to come to come to an interactive sing a long panel featuring some of the best hits from the show? Then this is the panel for you! Come and sing along to some of your favorite songs with your favorite singing vampire Marceline. There will be candy!!

11:45 AM - The Fandom Ruined It For Me - How Fandoms Destroy Franchises
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
We're about to get personal here, folks. We've all heard someone claim that "the fandom ruined x for me", perhaps we've even claimed it ourselves. What ruins franchises, and what actions can fandoms take to keep from driving away newcomers and consumers of media? Is your favorite franchise safe from the destructive nature? We'll be talking about animes, TV shows, comics, movies, and more.

12:00 PM - Bingo Fun!
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
Some laid back fun with Bingo!

12:00 PM - Maid and Butler Cafe
Tea Party Room - Sheraton
Come Socialize with your friends, enjoy some snacks and be catered to by our Maids and Butlers

12:15 PM - Hatoful Boyfriend?! What the Heck is That?
Panel room 6-D Doubletree
Heard of that dang bird dating sim game that’s still holding onto the hearts of many, many fans, but you still don’t really understand what the deal is? Well, my feathered friend, I’m here to help! Fly on in for some info and a fun time as we go through the main games, spin-offs, and more!

12:30 PM - QUASH! ...It's a Verb.
Panel Room 1-S Sheraton
Ever had a show that you felt was cut down too soon? A potential movie franchise that didn't get off the ground? Or a video game that never got the sequel it needed? Well, that's we're here for! Join the Quash Podcast, where the crew talk about anything they feel was canceled too soon! This session: the motherload, aka FIREFLY.

1:00 PM - LED Poi Showcase!
Main Events Doubletree
Let Phoenix Down take you on a strange journey into light and sound!

1:00 PM - Overwatch: Let's Make a Highlight Intro
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
Do you like Overwatch? Wanna know how to create an animation like an Overwatch character’s Highlight Intro. 3D Animator and Artist Mark Madness will demonstrate how to do so. Come on by to learn how a 3D Animator creates their art.

1:00 PM - Animation Q&A with Andrea Caprotti
Panel Room 4-D Doubletree
Andrea is here to answer questions about being an animator, illustrator, and cat lover.

1:00 PM - Anime History w/ Guest Samantha Inoue-Harte
Panel Room 5-D Doubletree
What the heck does Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, or Felix the Cat have to do with Anime? Anime existed in the early 1910's?! How did Disney influence Anime? What was the first colored anime? Sami will walk you through a thorough history of the dawn of Anime and then walk the audience through how each of the different genres of anime came to be what we now know as Anime.

1:30 PM - Naruto Fan Panel
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
Hello one and all! Are you like this knuckle headed ninja and do you have a ninja way? Let's talk about the joys of this guy and the struggles that were faced along the way.

1:30 PM - Vocaloid Sing-a-long!
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
The panel name says it all, folks! If you’re a Vocaloid fan wanting some good times singing to classics and newer tunes with fellow fans, hop on in! Requests for both Japanese and English covers are accepted!

2:00 PM - Idol Animes Fan Panel
Panel Room 1-S Sheraton
This season has been a treat for fans of idol themed animes, as new seasons for Love Live, The IDOLM@STER, and Wake Up Girls have been released and airing! From live concerts, games, series, and more, idols have become a popular and recurring theme throughout much of the anime culture. Whether you want to talk about your favorite character or song, come enjoy the many draws of idol animes and learn about new ones too!

2:00 PM - Green Screen Fun
Photo Room/Panel Room 7-D Doubletree
We found a green screen, and Matthew has a camera!! Want some silly cosplay pictures? Maybe a holiday snap to send to your friends? We gotcha covered! Come pose in front of our green screen and get a digital memory of A2F!

2:15 PM - Learning to Spin Poi
Main Events Doubletree
Join Bound by Fire and get a taste of the Art of spinning Poi!

2:30 PM - Animal Crossing Jeopardy
Panel Room 2-S Sheraton
Come boast your knowledge about all things Animal Crossing! We'll be playing a classic game of Jeopardy for glory (and prizes)!

2:30 PM - What Every Gaijin Needs to Know to Survive in... JAPAN!
Panel Room 5-D Doubletree
This interactive comedy routine will introduce the audience to all the idiosyncracies of Japan. You'll get to learn how to survive the train station, where to get the best deals on food, learn how to use a sqwatter, how not to accidentally insult someone, how to insult someone, some easy phrases that you can use. Get ready to laugh! Or even get dragged up with Sami!

3:00 PM - Dragon Age Fan Panel
Panel Room 3-S Sheraton
Heroes, come to the keep which we call this panel to discuss Dragon Age. From the love interests to the stories that have been wove!

3:00 PM - Doctor Who Fan Panel
Panel Room 6-D Doubletree
Join Luke as he shares his love for the Doctor in a discussion of all things WHO!!

3:30 PM - Last Hour RAVE!
Main Events Doubletree
Got some energy left? Well, we can't have that! Take this last hour to dance to killer music with DJ Moose O'Malley!

4:00 PM Vendor Room Closes