A2F December 2014 Tickets and more!

It’s time to get your tickets for the Fall/Winter 2014  Arkansas Anime Festival. Get them now at the Discounted price!happysakura.jpb

We’re starting to get our guests and you will *not* believe what we have in store this time!

If you want to do a panel, please fill out our panel form. If you have any questions you can email us at arkansasanimefestival at gmail dot com or use one of the several forms we have on site to get directly to the staff leader that can best help you.

Vendor? head over to our vendor page with questions and to sign up!

Artist’s Alley? We have you covered too!

Maybe you want to volunteer? Fill our our volunteer form so we know where you want to be!

And remember you can email the webmistress at webmistress at arkansasanimefestival dot com at any time with questions or suggestions!



A2F Spring 2014 Friday Schedule

Friday March 14th

Absolutely Subject to Change
Please check the Friday Schedule Page

Friday March 14th:

Panel Room 1:
4:00pm Heroes, Villians, and Weirdos with Rachel Robinson
5pm Chris Bevins Panel: Monsters & Mascots & Mutts! Oh, My!
6pm Samantha Inoue- Harte Panel: Tales of Con Horror
7pm J. Micheal Tatum Panel: Meet J. Micheal Tatum, the man behind the voice.
8:30pm Guest Autographs
10:15pm Dangan Ronpa Fan Panel

Panel Room 2:
4pm Arkham Asylum
5pm Cosplay 101
6pm Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Panel
7pm Charity Auction
8pm Attack on Titan Info Panel w/ Robyn
9:15pm Defend it!
10:15pm Ultimate PJ Party

Panel Room 3:
4:30pm Poetry Slam
5:45pm Hetalia Dating Game
7pm Haruhi in Neverland
8:15pm Mythological Anime Inspiration
9:15pm Character Makeup
11pm Beginner Japanese

Main Events:
2pm Anime Showing
3:15pm Martial Arts Demo
4:15pm Whose Line is it Anime?
5:30pm Don’t Forget the Lyrics
6:45pm Otaku Idol
8:15pm Bound by Fire Poi Display
9:30pm 80′s & 90′s Dance Party
10:15pm RAVE!

Tea Room
9pm Tokyo Mew Mew Tea Party

Tabletop Room
Open Play Board Games All Day

Magic the Gathering Draft Tournament at 5:00pm, $15 entry fee, minimum 8 players
(you do not have to have a badge to enter the tournaments, just stop by registration
and get an armband good for the tournament time and room only)

YuGiOh Box Tournament 7:00pm, $10 entry fee, minimum 6 players
(you do not have to have a badge to enter the tournaments, just stop by registration
and get an armband good for the tournament time and room only)

D&D Character Roll All Day
D&D Campaign Start at 8:30pm

Sponsored by Dragon’s Keep Gaming

Larp Room

Amtgard demo: 6-9pm
Poi Spinning Class w/ Bound by Fire: 4:00pm

Vendor Room

Video Game room
Free Play all day
Pokemon 1v1-5 Pm Pokemon 2v2-6:30 PM
League of Legends 1v1- 8:30 Pm

Calling all Vendors, Artists, and Fans!

Pssst…you..yeah you..come on over here.

This is YOUR convention, you know that don’t you? Of course you do. You know we’re fans too. But we’re all busy running the convention (and a panel or event each) so we need you..

Gothloli bible scans

Yes YOU.. to submit a panel..or an event? How about a Gothic Lolita Fashion show? Could *you* be the lovely that makes that happen (with our help)?

Or are you absolutely Moriarty over Sherlock? How about a panel ? Your webmistress will surely be there and so many other um…Cumberbabes and so forth.

Oh…are you a Chinese Zodiacal spirit who can’t have human contact…but your best friend (and secret love)is a human girl?

And how about you amazing capital A artists? I know I purchased several small pictures, ears and suchlike myself (and will again) along with adorable kitteh earrings and my alway needed Tardis charms. We want you and your wonderful wares and we have a few spots left!

But wait…we still have a bit of room left for vendors! Vendors do very well at A2F because we make sure we have diverse offerings and good flow. How about it?

attrib the Ladygeekgirl


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