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A2F River Valley 2017 – Sunday Schedule


10:00am-4:00pm Vendor Room

10:00am-4:00pm – LARP Room: Amtgard Demonstrations Throughout the Day

Lego Room – Free play all day!

Panel Schedule

10:00am   Anime Showing   Main Events
Ease into your morning with some anime viewing. 🙂

10:00am   Didyoukno??? – PG   Panel Room 3
Panel Description: A fun fact filled trivia extravaganza on all things Anime, Disney, Gaming and fun stuff in between.

10:30am   An American Legend – PG-13   Panel Room 2
A Hamilton (the Musical) Fan panel with your favorite Founding Father! There will be music, games, trivia, cabinet battles, and more! Will you join us in changing the nation?

10:30am   Evolution of Magical Girls – G   Panel Room 4
This panel will explain the in’s and out’s of what makes a magical girl a magical girl! I will be explaining the roots of magical girls, from their first inspirations to their development over time. I will begin with the three main types: witches, magical idols, and the most common “battle”/warrior magical girls, in which we as Americans consider to be true magical girls. From there, I will explain deconstructive magical girl series, which are much darker than the traditional series, such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Onward from such, I will touch upon the timeline, from the first magical girl, Sally the Witch, and explain the steps that magical girl media has taken over the years. I will also briefly touch upon the influences that Japanese magical girls has on the rest of the world, such as the Italian show “Winx Club” and the American cartoon “Star Vs The Forces of Evil”.

10:30am   The Gm’s Kit w/Ben Reeder – PG   Panel Room 5
13 lists Every GM should have!

11:00AM   Super Smash Brothers Tourney – 16 slots   Video Game Area

11:00am   Bound by Fire LED Show   Main Events
It’s too bright outside to set the skies ablaze, but the LED tricks of Bound by Fire are sure to amaze!

11:00am   Studio Ghibli – PG   Panel Room 1
Like Studio Ghibli films such as Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle? Let’s talk shop then.

11:00am   Avatar: The Last Theoretical Physicist – PG-13   Panel Room 3
Panel Description: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the SCIENTISTS attacked! Join us for an in depth discussion of the legitimate science behind bending!

11:45am   Fanfiction Hidden Dungeon: Original Stories – PG  Panel Room 5
So you want to be a writer. How do you go about making the transition from fanfiction to original fiction? Get the DLC here!

12:00pm   The Legend of Zelda: History in the Making – G   Panel Room 2
For over thirty years, The Legend of Zelda series has pioneered and shaped the gaming industry. With each new addition to the legacy, we dig deeper into the history and legacy of Hyrule. Now that Breath of the Wild is finally here, we would love to hear your thoughts as we share ours!

12:00pm   Cosplay in Social Media – PG-13   Panel Room 4
Social media has become a big component within the cosplay scene. Whether its Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr we all have a place where we share our creations. By posting your photos to your pages you create amazing opportunities like making new friends or even becoming a guest at a con like I was able to!

12:00pm   Magical Girl Cafe   Tea Party Room

12:30pm   Martial Arts Academy USA Demo   Main Events
Come watch these great young people as they show of their skills!

12:30pm   Cosplay and Crossplay Makeup – PG   Panel Room 1
Looking for some tips and tricks for cosplay purposes, then we might just have something to help you out.

12:30pm   Japanese Fairy Tales w Michelle the Storyteller   Panel Room 3
Come and join the storyteller as she shares tales from the land of the rising sun. While accompanying her in exploring these tales from the past, you never know what the world may hold. Animals speaking and palaces hidden within lakes and oceans are only some of the wondrous things you’ll hear. Depending upon the tale, the storyteller may also teach the audience traditional dances or how to sing or count in Japanese.

1:00pm   YouTube 101: Learning the basics and getting started – PG   Panel Room 5
Have you ever wanted to start your very own YouTube Channel? I’m Frank Wak and I want to show you how you can get started on YouTube. I’ll show you the tech you’ll need and teach you how to think about videos before they’re made.

1:00pm   Poi Class   Courtyard
Wake up sleepyhead and join Bound by Fire in a Great opportunity!
These guys are going to take a small class of our attendees and teach them how to spin Poi!

1:15pm   Born to ship Viktuuri! – PG-13   Panel Room 2
A Yuri on Ice Q&A and more! 😉

1:15pm   Dragon Age – PG-13   Panel Room 4
Love this series? So do I! Let’s talk about how awesome it is!

2:00PM   Street Fighter 5 Tourney- 16 Slots   Video Game Area

2:00pm   Whose line is it?   Main Events
Hosted by Michelle the Storyteller, who knows what could happen!
Come by and join us for an A2F Favorite!

2:00pm   Creating your Character – G   Panel Room 1
This Panel will be about the steps in selecting a cosplay and how to plan it out to craft it. With proper time management, any cosplay is possible!

2:15pm   Leah Clark’s Yearbook Commentary – G   Panel Room 5
A year-book style video of Leah’s characters up to current-day performances featuring Leah’s votes for classic yearbook titles as “Most Likely to Succeed,” “Best Hair,” “Best Couple.” Leah will add commentary discussing her pics.

2:30pm   Loose Leaf Tea vs. Bagged Tea – G   Panel Room 2
There’s a lot of talk about why leaf teas are better than teabags. While some of it is true, most of it is made up of broad generalizations, like “Loose-leaf tea is always better than teabags.” Learn what differentiates teabags from leaf teas, why leaf tea is usually better than teabags and how to make the switch from teabags to loose-leaf tea.

2:30pm   The Boy and the Beast – PG   Panel Room 4
Beasts and humans collide! Searching for the sword in your soul? Maybe we can help you find it!

3:30pm   Closing Rave   Main Events
Who needs a Closing ceremony?? We’d rather have a RAVE!

Cosplay Classroom

• Pokeball Coin Pouch/Dice Bag – Learn to create accessories with unconventional materials you might just have laying around your house.

Video Games Room

6:00pm   Super Smash, 32 slots
8:00pm   Naruto Shippuden, 16 slots

Tabletop Room

ALL DAY   Board Game Freeplay! Why don’t you check out Dabble or Pickle Letter?

ALL DAY   CCG Freeplay! Do you play Yu-gi-oh!, Magic: The Gathering, or Pokemon TCG? Come show off your skills with all of our other duelists, planeswalkers, and trainers!

10:00AM   Sutakku- Steeped in Japanese folklore, SUTAKKU was originally developed to teach the common man the foibles of wishing for more than he had. In this quick-playing, push-your-luck dice game, you attempt to create the tallest stack of dice in order to gain the highest score per turn.

10:30AM   Pathfinder Society: Silverhex Chronicles- Can you, the player, and your comrades, recover the hidden wealth and claim the powerful Silverhex before an assassin finds your friend?

12:00PM   Desert Island- Washed ashore on a forgotten island with your fellow castaways, you must try to scrape together enough food to survive while avoiding illness, wild boars and deadly tsunami. Hopefully you can keep your secret love alive and help your secret hate find their proper fate.

2:00PM  Freeplay- It’s time to wind down, friends. What better way than to play a game or two before you say goodbye!

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A2F River Valley 2017 – Friday Schedule


2:00-7:00pm Vendor Room

4:00-10:00pm – LARP Room: Amtgard Demonstrations Throughout the Day

Lego Room – Free play all day!

Panel Schedule

4:00pm   Anime Showing   Main Events
Chill out and watch some anime as things warm up at A2F!

5:00pm   The Black Order Meeting – PG-13   Panel Room 1
A D.Gray Man fan panel with all your favorite characters! There will be games, prizes, trivia, truth or dare, and more! Will you join us in finding the innocence and stopping the Millennium Earl?

5:00pm   Leah Clark’s FAQ – PG-13   Panel Room 5
Sometimes it’s hard to think of questions to ask at the Q/As. This is perfect for those who want to know more, but don’t know what to ask. Leah will prepare the top 25 FAQs and some mildly entertaining media to accompany answers.

5:30pm   Martial Arts Academy USA   Main Events
Come watch these great young people as they show of their skills!
Hi-Ya! In the Dark!

5:30pm   Mystic Messenger – PG-13  – Panel Room 3
Q and A/Truth or Dare

5:30pm   Inuyasha-OH THE FEELS – PG-13   Panel Room 2
Let’s all be Kagome and shout why we love Inuyasha! This anime has always been a treasure and one highly recommended. Let’s talk about how Inuyasha changed the world, for a lot of people. Like the opening to Kagome learning about the jewel, to the knowledge about the demon world. So if you want to go down memory lane come join us!

6:00pm   Death Parade – PG   Panel Room 1
Come play some mini games and talk about your favorite arbiters.

6:00pm   Pokemon Jeopardy – PG   Panel Room 4
Split into teams and duke it out against friends in this trivia for prizes!

6:15pm   Author Q&A w/ Ben Reeder – PG   Panel Room 5
Ask me anything about anything. (Answers not guaranteed to be right, on topic or even coherent)

7:00pm   Kevvy’s Quiz Show   Main Events
We invite you to show off your fandom knowledge and prove that you’re the very best (like no one ever was)! We will be playing a MASSIVE trivia game where you use your smartphone to lock in your answers, and there WILL be fabulous prizes and eternal glory for the top scorers for each rounds!
Questions will be based on all sorts of fandom culture. Everything from Star Trek to Star Wars, from Naruto to Harry Potter, from Disney to Wes Craven, from Sam to Dean! Some questions will be super easy, others will be fiendishly difficult. The more you answer correctly though the higher your points will soar! If you want to get a head start, go ahead and download the Kahoot! app from either the Apple or Android app store and get ready to play!!!
Contestants will unfortunately be limited to the first 4,000 people to join the game, so be sure to show up as soon as possible!

7:00pm   Speed Friending – G   Panel Room 3
Join us for a fun event to make new friends in a fast fun safe way.

7:00pm   Once Upon A Time: Questions and Answers – PG   Panel Room 2
Meet the characters of Once Upon A Time, ask them questions, try not to get on Peter Pan’s bad side, and remember: magic always comes with a price!

7:15pm   Intro to Armor Making – PG   Panel Room 4
Curious about foam and Worbla? Come check out some tips and tricks.

7:30pm   Cosplay Makeup 101 – PG   Panel Room 1
I Love FX Makeup is one of the premiere companies specializing in cosplay makeup. Join our artists as we go over cosplay makeup basics from types of makeup to proper sealing techniques

7:30pm   Autographs – G   Panel Room 5
Bring you programs or your swag items and get em signed!

8:00pm   Pokemon Tea Party   Tea Party Room

8:30pm   New Challenger Rock Opera   Main Events
New Challenger is a hard rock band from OKC, performing their rock opera inspired by the Street Fighter series Check out the EP “Master of the Fist” at

8:30pm   Rise of the Otome Game: Capture Target Acquired – PG-13   Panel Room 2
Otome games are becoming more popular and are available on nearly every gaming platform. Learn about games ranging from the heartrending Hakuouki, ground breaking Mystic Messenger, and downright ridiculous Hatoful Boyfriend. Also, learn some helpful hints to help you win over the capture target of your fangirl and fanboy dreams.

8:30pm   All You Need To Know About Cosplay – PG   Panel Room 3
There’s all kinds of different types of cosplay. From video games to anime there is a wide variety of possible costumes, which can lead to difficulty with choosing one. We will discuss making or buying your cosplay, choosing a character, and the experience of cosplaying itself!

9:00pm   Want to join Team Skull Yo? Maybe have a friendly Pokemon battle? – PG-13   Panel Room 1
Panel Description: Yo! Do you have what it takes to defeat Alola’s infamous Team Skull? Test your wit and take on Team Skull against various challenges yo! Team Skull is looking for new grunts. Applicants Welcome. See you there, yo!

9:00pm   Haikyuu PJ Party – PG-13   Panel Room 4
The Haikyuu Pajama party is the party of the year! Balloons, popcorn, games, and truth or dare all with your favorite Volleyball nerds in kigurumis. Ship flipping and music will definitely be involved!

9:00pm   It Takes More Than A Mask- PG   Panel Room 5
One of the hardest parts about cosplay, for those who enjoy doing panels or contests especially, is getting into character. Portraying their mannerisms and attitude can be extremely difficult if they’re too different from yourself. This also includes when you pose! Here, I, PaniK Cosplay, will teach you what I know about posing and slipping into a character’s skin. This includes tips on lighting, camera angles, and even posture and the like when posing!

9:30pm   Bound by Fire!   Courtyard
These guys are Spectacular, don’t miss em as they set the night ablaze!

10:00pm   RAVE   Main Events
First Rave of the Weekend, Let’s make it GREAT! DJ Krillik, Bring the beats!

10:00pm   Serious Adult Origami – R (18+, must have an ID)   Panel Room 2
Get the kids a sitter and get your notebooks out. Cosplay Guest Austin Blevins will be joining you for a 100% serious lesson on adult anatomy and the effects that manipulating solidified tree soup with your hands has on the environment.

10:30pm   Bloody Bedtime Fairytales Untamed – PG-13   Panel Room 5
Do you think that you know your favorite fairytales? Chances are you’re wrong. Disney has nothing to do with it, and your favorite anime was likely way off base. In the days that time has forgotten no bedtime story was considered complete until someone suffered, and the hangman’s gallows were often among the least of the frightful fates that awaited the wicked. Are you brave enough to know the darkness behind true love’s kiss or a princess’ smile? If so, then join me, Michelle the Storyteller, as I cast aside the curtains of “happily ever after” to reveal how little we truly know about the stories that we all know and love.

Cosplay Classroom

• Acrylic Finger Spells – Learn to etch and decorate acrylic to create a light-up accessory

Video Games Room

6:00pm   Super Smash, 32 slots
8:00pm   Naruto Shippuden, 16 slots

Tabletop Room

ALL DAY   Board Game Freeplay! Why don’t you check out Dabble or Pickle Letter?

ALL DAY   CCG Freeplay! Do you play Yu-gi-oh!, Magic: The Gathering, or Pokemon TCG? Come show off your skills with all of our other duelists, planeswalkers, and trainers!

4:00 PM   Pathfinder Society: Silverhex Chronicles- Can you, the player, and your comrades, recover the hidden wealth and claim the powerful Silverhex before an assassin finds your friend?

4:00 PM   Gruff is a tactical combat card game where you crush enemies by using a specially crafted deck of mutated monster goats. Players choose from a wide variety of Mean, Weird, and Fat Gruffs to create the perfect team. Mutate your goats, and crush your opponent.

6:00 PM   Friday Night Fluxx! Meet new friends and catch up with old ones with our con staple, the game of ever-changing rules, Fluxx!

8:00 PM   Sutakku: Steeped in Japanese folklore, SUTAKKU was originally developed to teach the common man the foibles of wishing for more than he had. In this quick-playing, push-your-luck dice game, you attempt to create the tallest stack of dice in order to gain the highest score per turn.

10:00 PM   Telestrations After Dark (18+ ID required): This is an adult version of the award winning Telestrations. Gameplay is the same, but the word content has changed to more adult fare.

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a2f rv cosplayer Austin Blevins

A2F River Valley Welcomes Cosplayer Austin Blevins

Austin Blevins started cosplaying in 2008 because he felt that it would be fun to portray characters he could not become in real life. Over the years, he’s become more skilled in prop making and has grown more devoted in crafting certain costumes. Austin calls himself a casual cosplayer as he does not rush to craft his items but takes his time in order to remain as stress free as possible. A2F was his first convention and he is excited to return as a cosplay guest.

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a2f rivervalley guests Shoujocos

A2F River Valley Welcomes Instagram Cosplayer Shoujocos

Hadley, known as Shoujocos on Instagram, has been a cosplayer for six years and hopes to continue to grow and improve in the years to come. She uses her skills in cosmetology and theatre to bring her favorite characters to life, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. A regular attendant at A2F, Hadley has participated in the cosplay contest since she first started cosplaying, “I’m so happy to be apart of it and watch it grow, thank you all!”

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A2F River Valley Guest panik cosplay

PaniK Cosplay Has a Message for A2F River Valley

“Hello hello, one and all! I’m PaniK Cosplay, or as I’m more commonly known, Akiho Shire. Cosplay, for me, is about making others happy. Seeing everyone smiling, seeing their favorite characters, is the most amazing thing I could witness. Being a reason people can have pleasant memories is worth all the time and effort spent into cosplay. I’ve been cosplaying for years now, but I still have lots to work on and progress to make. Even so, with the knowledge I’ve gained in this hobby of mine, I’d love to help those that also want to cosplay! Let’s all have fun working together, and I can’t wait to see all of your lovely smiles.”

You can find PaniK Cosplay at

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River Valley Guest ae taylor writer

Up And Coming Writer A.E. Taylor Bridges the Fanfiction Gap

Amy Elizabeth loves to write, “It’s my life, my passion, and my heart.” She adores exploring worlds through original works and fanfiction. As fanfiction writer MrBenzedrine, she is the admin of several Harry Potter themed fanfiction groups as well a beta reader for other writers. At A2F, she will be talking about where to begin when writing fanfiction, what it takes to make a great fanfiction story, overcoming writers’ block, betas, and how to connect with your audience in the digital world.

She is currently working on two original novels for publishing while living vicariously through her son and husband, and absolutely can’t get enough of (well-done) anime! You can find her at or read some of her original work at

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RiverValley Guest Michelle the Storyteller

Michelle the Storyteller Returns

Michelle was given her first book of fairy tales as a child, and from there she was hooked. As she grew she began to read folklore and fairy tales from around the world. Her interest turned to Japanese fairy tales while she was studying abroad in Kyoto.

Michelle the Storyteller kimono pic

In Kyoto, she learned about fox spirits, tanukis and the rabbit on the moon. Now she shares these stories and many more with others in order to entertain and educate. Her belief is that fairy tales help us see who we are, what lessons we wish to pass on and much more.

When she is not telling tales, Michelle can be found presenting on everything from mental profiles of horror movie villains to teaching classes in special effects makeup. She also occasionally guests on the Weeaboo Wednesday podcast done by The Loot. You can also find her on Facebook at

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a2f river valley DoubleTree Hotel

A2F River Valley Hotel Room Block is Open!

Special thanks to Maria at the Double Tree Fort Smith for getting us a smooth $89 a night rate. The hotel is conveniently attached to the convention center, so you don’t even have to go outside to get to your room. With free parking and comfy beds, the DoubleTree will be able to get you rest so you can enjoy all the awesomeness of A2F! To book a room, call 479-783-1000, tell them that you are with Arkansas Anime Festival. Should they ask for a discount booking code, give them the three letters: ANI.

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a2fRV Guests martial arts demo

A2F Turns Off the Lights for the Only LED Martial Arts Weapon Show in the Midwest!

The martial arts academy USA competition team is made up of 6 members that travel around the tri-state area to performing demos and competing on a national level. During the A2F weekend, they will be demonstrating their skills with multiple weapons and hand to hand self-defense. Come watch as the lights turn off for the only LED martial arts weapon show in the Midwest. Then as the sun goes down, watch as they put their speed and strength to the test breaking boards that have been set on fire, then demonstrating fire staffs and fire katanas.

a2fRV martial arts academy USA team

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