Festival Rules

A2F Rules

We want you to have fun at A2F! Just please keep these things in mind:

The Arkansas Anime Festival is a Family Friendly Event. We do not allow Content over a PG-13 Rating. Please keep this in mind when planning Costumes, Cosplays, and Activities.

  • We do not allow live steel to be carried at our event. Live steel refers to anything that can carry a metal blade. So no “real” swords, blades or metal edged weapons are to be used in your costume or Cosplay..
  • If you decide to carry a “gun” as part of your cosplay, realistic guns MUST have an orange tip. Loaded water guns are not allowed. Airsoft Guns must be unloaded as well. If you are found to have a “loaded” airsoft gun, your gun will be confiscated.
  • We ask that you refrain from Vulgar Language and Behavior while attending A2F.
  • “Play Fighting” is not allowed unless you are on stage during an event that calls for theatrical scenes. If you are seen “fighting” we will assume it is real and dismiss you from the event.
  • Parents: we ask that you please accompany children under the Age of 12. This keeps everyone safe in a populated environment.
  • We do not allow anything deemed Obscene to be displayed at any time.
  • If an emergency occurs, we ask that you follow the guidance of the A2F security Team.
  • No Alcohol or Drugs, nor anyone believed to be under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs is allowed on the premises.
  • Cameras of any kind are welcome, however, if it is stated that a panel or event is not to photographed or videotaped, please respect this. We have had problems in the past with this. Sometimes videotaping an event that a guest is involved in can violate the guests contract with their employer.  we love our guests, and do not wish trouble for them!
  • Any and all rules can be added to or amended at any time by any A2F Committee Member when they feel a situation calls for such action.
  • Theft is not tolerated, anyone caught stealing will be handed over to the Police immediately.

Modesty Guidelines:

When planning your cosplay, please use the diagrams below as a reference to stay within the limits of our modesty guidelines.