Michelle the Storyteller Returns

RiverValley Guest Michelle the Storyteller

Michelle was given her first book of fairy tales as a child, and from there she was hooked. As she grew she began to read folklore and fairy tales from around the world. Her interest turned to Japanese fairy tales while she was studying abroad in Kyoto.

Michelle the Storyteller kimono pic

In Kyoto, she learned about fox spirits, tanukis and the rabbit on the moon. Now she shares these stories and many more with others in order to entertain and educate. Her belief is that fairy tales help us see who we are, what lessons we wish to pass on and much more.

When she is not telling tales, Michelle can be found presenting on everything from mental profiles of horror movie villains to teaching classes in special effects makeup. She also occasionally guests on the Weeaboo Wednesday podcast done by The Loot. You can also find her on Facebook at Facebook.com/StoryTellerMichelle