Month: May 2017

A2F River Valley 2017 – Sunday Schedule

10:00am   CONVENTION OPENS 10:00am-4:00pm Vendor Room 10:00am-4:00pm – LARP Room: Amtgard Demonstrations Throughout the Day Lego Room – Free play all day! Panel Schedule 10:00am   Anime Showing   Main Events Ease into your morning with some anime viewing. 🙂 10:00am   Didyoukno??? – PG   Panel Room 3 […]

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A2F River Valley 2017 – Saturday Schedule

10:00am   CONVENTION OPENS 10:00am-7:00pm Vendor Room 10:0am-10:00pm – LARP Room: Amtgard Demonstrations Throughout the Day Lego Room – Free play all day! Panel Schedule 10:00am   Anime Showing   Main Events Warm up your morning with a little Anime! 10:00am   Attack On Idol – PG-13   Panel Room […]

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A2F River Valley 2017 – Friday Schedule

2:00pm   CONVENTION OPENS 2:00-7:00pm Vendor Room 4:00-10:00pm – LARP Room: Amtgard Demonstrations Throughout the Day Lego Room – Free play all day! Panel Schedule 4:00pm   Anime Showing   Main Events Chill out and watch some anime as things warm up at A2F! 5:00pm   The Black Order Meeting […]

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a2f rv cosplayer Austin Blevins

A2F River Valley Welcomes Cosplayer Austin Blevins

Austin Blevins started cosplaying in 2008 because he felt that it would be fun to portray characters he could not become in real life. Over the years, he’s become more skilled in prop making and has grown more devoted in crafting certain costumes. Austin calls himself a casual cosplayer as […]

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a2f river valley dj krillik

DJ Krillik Will Be Spinning at A2F River Valley

DJ Krillik is a versatile up-and-coming DJ in the NWA area. He has performed all over NWA. He frequently spins dubstep, trance, house, and hands-up while mixing in a variety of other styles. His favorite anime include Black Butler, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, Log Horizon, and Cory in […]

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a2f rivervalley guests Shoujocos

A2F River Valley Welcomes Instagram Cosplayer Shoujocos

Hadley, known as Shoujocos on Instagram, has been a cosplayer for six years and hopes to continue to grow and improve in the years to come. She uses her skills in cosmetology and theatre to bring her favorite characters to life, and hopes to inspire others to do the same. […]

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A2F River Valley Guest panik cosplay

PaniK Cosplay Has a Message for A2F River Valley

“Hello hello, one and all! I’m PaniK Cosplay, or as I’m more commonly known, Akiho Shire. Cosplay, for me, is about making others happy. Seeing everyone smiling, seeing their favorite characters, is the most amazing thing I could witness. Being a reason people can have pleasant memories is worth all […]

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River Valley Guest ae taylor writer

Up And Coming Writer A.E. Taylor Bridges the Fanfiction Gap

Amy Elizabeth loves to write, “It’s my life, my passion, and my heart.” She adores exploring worlds through original works and fanfiction. As fanfiction writer MrBenzedrine, she is the admin of several Harry Potter themed fanfiction groups as well a beta reader for other writers. At A2F, she will be […]

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River Valley guests bound by fire

Bound By Fire Brings Their Blazing Performance to A2F River Valley

Bound By Fire is a high-energy, high-performance manipulative arts group that travels the Midwest spinning poi and telling enough cheesy jokes to have you groaning in your seat. After many years of perfecting the act of controlling fire, they will be putting on a blazing performance at Arkansas Anime Festival […]

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RiverValley Guest Michelle the Storyteller

Michelle the Storyteller Returns

Michelle was given her first book of fairy tales as a child, and from there she was hooked. As she grew she began to read folklore and fairy tales from around the world. Her interest turned to Japanese fairy tales while she was studying abroad in Kyoto. In Kyoto, she […]

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