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Dripping With Good Looks Cosplay Dreams of Family Kotatsu

Welcome Dripping With Good Looks Cosplay this May! They are a cosplay group based in Arkansas, a group of friends with a passion for cosplay, making people smile, and for each other. The group has been together since 2012 with the newest member joining in late 2014.

The name Dripping with Good Looks Cosplay was inspired by Ouran High School Host Club. Yes, we are “that Ouran group”! We love hosting events for Arkansas Anime Festival and are honored to have the opportunity to serve and entertain you all again.

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Members include Tama, Forezt, PandaFarron, HuniMaple, Serah Wilder, and Creig. Other group cosplays they have done include Hetalia, Magi, GSNK, Princess Jellyfish, Final Fantasy XIII, Attack on Titan, and several themed Ouran cosplays.

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Group leader Tama also runs the Cosplay Contest and would like to encourage you to enter!

You can find then on FACEBOOK and TUMBLR.

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