Returning Guests Bound by Fire and Ryozanpaku December 2014 A2F!

Two new performance Guests announced for Fall A2F

bound by fire

boundbyfire2014bThe Arkansas Anime Festival  is happy to announce the poi spinning prowess of Bound by Fire returning for the December A2F

Poi refers to both a style of performance art and the equipment used for engaging in poi
performance. As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. (sometimes aflame)
“We are a Dancing Gypsy Group! We Spin, Dance, and set ourselves AFLAME!!!
There are 8 performers in bound 
by fire!!

  • Dakota (Knick Knack) Berry
  • luke (pookis) Lemon
  • Tom (noodle) Bretlinger
  • Ken (Bang Bang) Miller
  • Jeff (Heffe) Fitzughe
  • Will (Soloman) Schellhous
  • Nick (White light) Mitchem
  • Kenzie (Glitch) Camey

RyozanpakuRyozanpaku is a small martial arts team from Oklahoma made from five members. Join hershey , psycho, skittles, trainerboy, and padawan at the Third tenkaichi martial arts show where you’ll watch everything from extreme martial arts, advance board breaking techniques, and some new LED martial arts weapons, with anime and popular movie references and with audience involvement like getting to choose which member gets to use which weapon and song it’s a one of a kind martial arts show.

Ryozanpaku karate team

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