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Kazha to Play at A2F December 2014!

kazhulogoMusic Japanese alternative rock trio Kazha was formed in Japan in 2009 by vocalist Kazuha and guitarist Hideki, two individuals whose musical backgrounds could not have been more opposite. Together, they represent everything Kazha is; hard-hitting, melodic, loud, angelic, classic, brand new. Years later, the band has found a new evolution. With Kazuha herself now playing bass and the addition of drummer Masaya, there is nothing that stands in their way. Written in both English and Japanese, their music has global appeal. Japanese elegance entwined with American manifest destiny; pop sentimentality blended kazuha1with heavy metal intensity. Band Kazha’s American debut was at San Francisco’s Asian Heritage Street Festival in 2010 before departing on their first national tour, to promote their freshman album Overture. Stops included Houston, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In their 5 year career, Kazha has performed on 3 continents, in 5 countries, and in over a dozen states, taking part in music festivals, cultural festivals, tours, and conventions. To support their second album, Evolution, Kazha returned to New York this year to take part in J Summit New York. They will soon be making their Nashville debut at Akai Con in August. Online Official site: EPK: Facebook: YouTube: Electric: Acoustic: Cover:

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