Regular Price Tickets

Are still available! Don’t forget you can get tickets online up to a day or so before the Festival and at the store!

We won’t mail your ticket/badges to you, you will be able to pick them up at the registration table. And there are no worries about your online order–not only does paypal


have a record of your purchase but we have both an email AND a database copy so we’ll always have your proof of purchase.

We can’t wait to see you!

5 thoughts on “Regular Price Tickets”

  1. I’m just curious to know – though I doubt I can – if I buy a weekend ticket and cannot make it on Friday, will I be able to arrive the next day and attend on Saturday and Sunday, or will I have to buy a Saturday and Sunday ticket separately?

    1. Hello
      If you buy a weekend ticket it is good for all weekend, no other purchase necessary. And comments on the website are moderated and have to be approved so it takes a bit for them to show up.
      Thank you
      A2F Webmistress

      1. Okay, so to confirm, if I buy the weekend ticket and then miss Friday(which will happen, as I have no way to go on Friday), I’ll be allowed entry for Saturday and Sunday? I’m sorry to bug you with the questions – and I apologize for multiple comments; I didn’t realize the comments were by approval – but I just want to make sure it’s absolutely crystal clear that this will be okay.

        1. yes that will be fine. Just bring your paypal receipt and you can sign in and get your badge anytime you would like.No problem with the multiple comments, we had to start screening comments a little more strictly

          1. Well alrighty then, I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday! Thank you for your responses. I just wanted to make absolutely sure I understood correctly because this will be my first time attending.

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