Let’s get ready to Cosplayyyyyy!

Do you know who you are going to be? Have you created an amazing costume or do you Sebastian-black-butler-25696727-564-4211inhabit your character so completely no one could tell you from the original? Have we got the events for you.

If you created your costume take a look at this page : A2F MainStage Costume Contest

Photo credit samuraiwillz

If you bought your costume and you are amazing as your character, try this page and choose Cosplay Entry.

photo credit samuraiwillz

And you can also try the Hallway Cosplay Contest if you don’t want to go MainStage, or if you are somewhere in between all these types.

First Spring A2F Guest Samantha Inoue-Harte



Samantha Inoue-Harte

Samantha Inoue Harte is a voice actress and founder of an animation studio called Saiko Studios. She is perhaps most recognized for her role as the Chocobo in Final Fantasy: Unlimited, the anime series, and as Kohran Li in Sakura Wars.

Check her out on IMDB

TailchaserShe has an amazing list of accomplishements on Wikipedia

The Anime News network has another amazing list of incredible work

We are working like crazy

The Arkansas Anime Festival Staff is putting things together at a hight rate of speed. Discounted pre-registration (that’s discount tickets) are up and available for several more

image from; http://www.moemoerabu.net/2008/06/09/otakuism-and-the-workplace/
image from; http://www.moemoerabu.net/2008/06/09/otakuism-and-the-workplace/

weeks. We are signing up guests and you can already book your hotel rooms. Also, if you have any questions about the website just email the webmistress or use one of our contact forms throughout the site!

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