Let’s get ready to Cosplayyyyyy!

Do you know who you are going to be? Have you created an amazing costume or do you Sebastian-black-butler-25696727-564-4211inhabit your character so completely no one could tell you from the original? Have we got the events for you.

If you created your costume take a look at this page : A2F MainStage Costume Contest

Photo credit samuraiwillz

If you bought your costume and you are amazing as your character, try this page and choose Cosplay Entry.

photo credit samuraiwillz

And you can also try the Hallway Cosplay Contest if you don’t want to go MainStage, or if you are somewhere in between all these types.

19 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to Cosplayyyyyy!”

  1. I’m cosplaying as Human!Companion Cube. I’m making it myself and attempting to make all of the pink parts to glow. I’m hoping that I’ll impress at least a little bit of my superiors. ;w;

    Good luck to everyone~

  2. I’m going to be Snow Villiers form Final Fantasy XIII!! My friends and I are going to have a little group from FFXIII!! Be sure to find us!! XD

  3. I’m going to be Feferi and Nepeta. I’m making my cosplays myself, but I’m not sure if I should enter one of these contests. ;w;

  4. If i can go, which will only be one day if i do, i’ll try and be an equius. I have the cosplay ready, just, don’t know if i’ll make it.

    1. Yes Mimi you can enter the contest if your costume is custom made , store bought, store bought modified. Have you looked at the Cosplay contest rules yet ?

      1. Yes, ma’am. But, for some reason I thought you could only enter if you made it all yourself. >_<
        Sorry for bothering you!

  5. I will be Ciela with my boyfriend as Sebastian. 🙂 Maybe a smooch or two could win us the Hallway Contest? XD

  6. can’t be rainbow dash this time around. my fluttershy won’t be with me. 🙁 But Pichu will be comming back!! 🙂

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