Haruhi In Neverland A2F Spring 2014 Special Event

Haruhi in Neverland

The Ouran Host Club is all about cosplay and themed parties so  get ready because we’re going to Neverland and taking 24 lucky princesses with us!


Remember to bring your happy thoughts! Happiness and smiles are the keys to the grand prize of Eternal Youth and Glory (as well as some super cool Ouran merchandise)!

13 thoughts on “Haruhi In Neverland A2F Spring 2014 Special Event”

  1. Yes, we will have a sign up sheet at the Registration table. The time is still to be determined, but for now I’ll just say to look for a host! At least one of us will be there with the list.

    1. There are only 24 spots available on the sign up sheet. Once the spots are filled no one else will be able to sign up, unfortunately. In that respect, yes, it will be first come first serve.

  2. For the wedding, there will be sign up form/packets next to Registration desk on Saturday morning the 15th. And yes it’s a first come first served. Once the 22 signups / packets are signed for that’s it. Be there early on Saturday the 15th to ensure you get a spot. (edited by A2FWebmistress)

  3. I love the quote from Beauty and the Beast on the picture. And I can’t wait! I’m signing up as soon as I get there.

    1. Just be respectful and wait for the princess in front of you to finish signing her beautiful name before taking the pen. In the event we’ll break off into 3 teams. You will get the chance to choose which time you’re on at the time of sign in. There are only 8 spots on each team (24 split 3 ways is 8) so if there are already 8 people on the Pirate Team then you’ll want to pick one of the other two teams. Also, as king I want to get pictures with all my princesses! So after you sign up then we’ll take a “selfie” together, okay? (This will help us put a name to a face, I want to learn your names before the event!)

      SIGN UP BEGINS AT 5PM ON FRIDAY (this time is subject to change)

      1. I want to be part of this sooo badly but I live several miles away and I probably won’t be making it on time…! I wish the spots weren’t so limited…!

    2. There will be a sign up sheet at the registration desk. The rules will be told during the event. 🙂

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