Calling all Vendors, Artists, and Fans!

Pssst…you..yeah you..come on over here.

This is YOUR convention, you know that don’t you? Of course you do. You know we’re fans too. But we’re all busy running the convention (and a panel or event each) so we need you..

Gothloli bible scans

Yes YOU.. to submit a panel..or an event? How about a Gothic Lolita Fashion show? Could *you* be the lovely that makes that happen (with our help)?

Or are you absolutely Moriarty over Sherlock? How about a panel ? Your webmistress will surely be there and so many other um…Cumberbabes and so forth.

Oh…are you a Chinese Zodiacal spirit who can’t have human contact…but your best friend (and secret love)is a human girl?

And how about you amazing capital A artists? I know I purchased several small pictures, ears and suchlike myself (and will again) along with adorable kitteh earrings and my alway needed Tardis charms. We want you and your wonderful wares and we have a few spots left!

But wait…we still have a bit of room left for vendors! Vendors do very well at A2F because we make sure we have diverse offerings and good flow. How about it?

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2 thoughts on “Calling all Vendors, Artists, and Fans!”

  1. my niece Hannah is an anime artist and I am inquiring about the fall festival activities and anything she might be able to be involved with

    1. Hello–
      Please use the artist form on this website to contact the convention owners. Thank you! ~A2Fwebmistress

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