A2F Returning Guest for Spring 2014 –Gaijiin Goombah

gajiinlarge“Hey everyone!  Gaijin Goombah here!  I have this wacky little show called Game Exchange where I talk about how various cultures affect gaming and how gaming affects other cultures.  I also have another show called Going Gold, A Localized Journey where a superhero mascot of a localization company and myself fight my nemesis, the Fumon, as we try to restore order to the now chaotic worlds through the understanding of the localization process.  I also have a budding Let’s Play channel called The Gaijin Gamers Play, and a handful of other stuff.  I am also one of the three Game Theorists alongside MatPat of Game Theory and Ronnie Oni Edwards of Digressing and Sidequesting.

I’ve been at it for a couple of years, and I’m now at 44,000 subscribers on youtube (Gaijiin Goombah Studios ) with around 100,000 average watchers around the interwebs.  I guess that means I’m popular.  I’ve also spent around two and a half years in Japan studying, working, and living there, so I’ve got a good amount of knowledge about the country.  Hope I can meet some fans at A2F!”